This is what makes your Safe Ship® packing and shipping store different from all the other pack and ship stores. Using our Safe Ship® BoxMakerPro™, you can make hundreds of different sized or shaped boxes, in almost any thickness cardboard you desire. Heavy Duty Boxes for a $2.5 million painting or for fine china. Or make a 50″ x 50″ x 96″ pallet cover. Or build a heavy duty cardboard crate.

Only a Safe Ship® Store can do this. Rather than paying $350 for a wood crate, you can make a crate just as strong using extra heavy-duty cardboard flat sheets for 1/10th  the cost of the wood crate and have it done in less than half an hour. Plus you can make the exact size box, crate or pallet cover needed. You do not have to telescope boxes together and then over pack the box with peanuts because you don’t have the right size box available to you. So DIM weight problems and the overcharges from USPS, FedEx, DHL or any other carrier for DIM weight shipments are gone. You can save your customers money. Only a Safe Ship® Store can do this.

Your BoxMakerPRO™ is the key to your ability to properly pack everything. Our Ormond Beach Florida store makes over 100 boxes per month.

The BoxMakerPro™ box making machine is a high quality machine designed to handle the rigors of heavy duty box making usage. Designed and built by the top professional craftsmen in the mechanical equipment manufacturing industry, you can be sure you get many, many years of trouble free service from your Safe Ship® BoxMakerPro™ box making machine.

Measuring 92 inches wide by 70 inches high and about 30 inches deep with the Safe Ship® BoxMakerPro™, you can cut and form cardboard sheets up to 86 X 60 inches and up to 1/2″ thick, into any size box you want. We offer a complete ten (10) Year Warranty on our product. We warranty the BoxMakerPro™ box making machine against all defects in materials and workmanship when used as described in our warranty statement. Light weight, heavy duty aluminum, ball bearing construction. The BoxMakerPro™ box making machine is a precision piece of equipment capable of helping even a new user cut and form box sizes to 1/4th inch accuracy.